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It is proven that sexual positions can make the sexual act much more pleasant since they are different ways of stimulating the erogenous parts of the body.

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Another sexual position is called "Limbo" this should be carried out in a chair, preferably on a sofa, for the greater comfort of both. The position consists of the man sitting on the chair or the sofa and the best escort sites on his penis but having her legs raised and resting on her partner's shoulders to have much more stimulation in the sexual act.

How to select an escort in an escort agency?

The first thing that must take into account for select escort is to be clear about what is being sought in her physical and sexual abilities to see if she is willing to fulfill what the client asks for. After having this clear, the select escort is usually carried out by reviewing the escort directories of the escorts agencies in these books or magazines.

There are photos of each of the girls in the venue where they come out, showing all their attributes. In this way, the interested party can know which girl meets your physical tastes.

In these directories, her physical attributes appear and her abilities in bed so that the client can know the girl's compatibility. After seeing all the options, the only thing left is for the consumer to choose it and cancel the account to then be able to unleash pleasure and lust in the room in the place that the client wishes.

Sadomasochism is one of the most requested practices in escort agencies

Many men seek this service because many mainstream women are unwilling to perform sadomasochism for various excuses. But here, many of the best escorts are open to doing these practices if the client wants.

These women are widely knowledgeable about sex and all its practices, so they fear it and hesitate to proposals like these since they know how to carry them out and, above all, how to enjoy them. The best escorts are the most sought-after women in escort agencies since they are girls full of great value who are completely willing to leave every last drop of sweat on the bed.